Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tonight's Sky for April 6: Old Moon Meets Venus

How thin of a Moon have you seen? How about one that's just barely a day before New and only 2% illuminated? Well, if you have never seen a Moon this thin, tonight's your chance to do so as such a Moon will be making an appearance in this morning's sky just before sunrise.

To see the Moon, you'll need a good Eastern horizon. How good? One with less than 3 degrees of obstruction. To simulate this, hold two fingers vertically at arm's length to simulate 3 degrees. Hint: if you can't think of a good location off-hand, scout out one during the day. Location found, arrive there just before sunrise and start looking with optical aid, even a pair of cheap 7x50 binoculars will work here. The bad news: you'll have to hurry because, as soon as the Sun clears the horizon, you can forget about seeing the Moon.

Additionally, Venus is nearby and can serve as a useful finder to help locate the Moon, too. 

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