Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tonight's Sky for January 6-9: Planets and the Moon in the Morning

This morning, the Moon will join Saturn and Venus low in the Southeastern predawn sky. To see the show, simply head out as the sky starts to brighten and look Southeast to spot the Moon and two nearby bright 'stars,' which are, in fact, Saturn (the dimmer one) and Venus (the brighter one). All three bodies will be within 10 angular degrees (a fist held at arm's length) of each other. Clouded out this morning? No worries, an encore is coming tomorrow, with the moon moving below the planets.

If that weren't enough, come the mornings of the 8th and 9th, Venus and Saturn will be within a half of a degree of each other. To put that in perspective, hold your little finger at arm's length to simulate a degree. The planets' separation these two mornings will be about a third of a degree.  

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