Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tonight's Sky for January 19: Moon Meets the Bull

Tonight, the Moon will be in a very unique place: right between the horns of a cosmic bull. Tonight, the Moon will move directly into the Zodiac constellation of Taurus the bull, more specifically, between its horns.

To see the sight, go out and look East in the predawn sky before the sky starts to brighten. The Moon, of course, will be impossible to miss. Moon found, look for a sideways 'V' of stars, the Hyades star cluster, which represent the base of the bull's horns. Extending the lines of the 'V' out, you will run into a pair of stars of roughly 2nd magnitude (though on opposite ends of the scale) that signal the end of the horns.

Cosmic picture realized, there's the Moon, smack in the middle. 

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