Monday, November 23, 2015

Tonight's Sky for November 23: Can You See Comet Catalina?

It's finally here! After spending its time giving Southern Hemisphere observers a show, Comet Catalina went around the Sun and has now reappeared in the Northern sky. As of now, the comet, estimated to be around +7 magnitude, is a challenge as it is very close t the Sun and the window to catch it between its rising and being out-shone by the rising Sun is very small. However, that will change as the days progress. In fact, come New Years Day, the comet will be within ½ degree of bright Arcturus, alpha Bootes, which will be very high in the predawn sky. So yes, you may not be able to catch it now but, in the coming weeks, keep your eyes out for Comet Catalina, which is expected to brighten to +5 magnitude by Christmas.

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