Monday, October 5, 2015

Tonight's Sky for October 5: Robert Goddard Born (1882)

It was on this date in 1882 that Robert Goddard, widely considered to be the father of rocket science, was born. Inspired from dual childhood experiences of building toy rockets and reading science fiction novels of traveling to other worlds. Interestingly enough, Goddard recorded the date of his inspiration to build a machine that could travel to another world in his journal: October 19, 1899. Earning a doctorate in physics, Goddard devoted his professional life to the advancement of rocket technology and thus cemented himself in history as the father rocket science despite often being ridiculed in the United States for his proposing of the use of rockets as a means to travel to other worlds. Before his death in 1945, he was even rebuffed by the military when willing to offer his expertise in developing weapons. Ironically, it was the German scientists who developed the terrifying V-2s during WWII and who later traveled to America to work for NASA who would bask in the glory that was so owed Goddard. 

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