Monday, December 22, 2014

Tonight's Sky for December 22: Young Moon Meets Venus

Tonight will offer a beautiful, though very challenging sight right after sunset as the Young Moon and Venus will be very close to each other. How low will you need to look? About three degrees up from the horizon. To simulate, a little finger held at arm's length spans about a degree of sky. Needless to say, scouting out a location ahead of time is a very good idea.

Location found, go out right after sunset and start scanning the horizon with binoculars. In modest powers (7-10x), one should be able to scrape the horizon at the bottom of the field of view and sweep up the Moon and Venus towards the middle or top. If you don't see the pair right away, don't worry as they will often seemingly pop out of nowhere and into visibility.

However, if you're still looking 30 minutes after sunset, you've missed the show.

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