Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tonight's Sky for September 14: Moon and the Clusters

Tonight, the Moon is going to be visiting a pair of cosmic clusters in the Eastern predawn sky. To see the show, simply head out in the early morning before the sky starts to brighten and look East. The Moon will be impossible to miss. Moon found, look to the right of it and try and spot a cloudy patch of sky larger than the Full Moon. This haze is actually the Pleiades, one of the closest star clusters to Earth. Also known as the Seven Sisters, try and see how many individual stars you can spot. Below the Pleiades, look for a sideways 'V' of stars set off by bright orange Aldebaran, alpha Taurus. This cluster is the Hyades, which makes up the cosmic bull's nose. The best part, no optical aid is required!

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